Trey Dillon

I love photography & I love good people. I’ve worked with some of the raddest and most genuine couples and that allows me to love what I do.

World Travel

I’ve had the privilege to travel to some incredible places, which is a huge blessing and continues to change the way i approach photography. Some of the favorite places I’ve traveled to for photography and otherwise include :

London, England / Cinque Terre, Italy / Innsbruck, Austria / Munich, Germany / Bern, Switzerland / Vancouver, Canada / Uddevalla, Sweden / Benin, Africa / Cluj, Romania / Siem Reap, Cambodia / Seoul, South Korea / Austin, San Diego, Chicago, and Seattle.


I happen to believe that photography is among the most important things to consider when planning a wedding, and I love that responsibility. As a wedding photographer I strive to capture a series of images that will tell a story that is true to who you are.  I’ve learned that trends come and go but stories tend to stick around and get better with time. Sometimes having a hands-off approach is the best way to capture a couple in love.

There aren’t many things that mean more to me than when a couple tells me they want to forever remember their wedding day through my eyes and the way I would choose to capture it.