Alyson & Landon are owners of a tender and quality saturated engagement. “Engagement” is usually seen and handled as something that a couple is vs. something that a couple has. Alyson & Landon’s relationship puts out this feeling that being engaged is way more present tense then it is a occasion in the past. They own a quality that they’ve created. Instead of storytelling about the other day, they invest into the next. Cute huh?

Since Landon is my brother i’ve already exploited their cuteness for my photography’s benefit, so  we decided that instead of doing another portrait like session, like we did HERE, we would do a raw more lifestyle shoot. They were in town from Florida for a couple days last week and we decided to shoot the entire session in my apartment. I framed it as a cute morning date with coffee on the roof, brunch on the city deck and living in the living room. Shooting an engagement shoot in the confines of a single apartment was challenging but translated into very natural and real-life feel which served them well.

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August 28, 2015

Love these so much. You captured them totally. Proud of you!!